The season is coming to a close, however the enthusiasm has not wained on the race course. The group saw the lightest air of the summer and being on the starting line and getting to best side of the course was key to having a good race.

We have one more Tuesday night and this should be a good end to the Triple "B" Tuesday night.


As everyone knows by now a group of us get together every Tuesday evening and race singlehanded. (Laser, Laser Radial, Force 5, Sunfish). To give you an idea of the overall impact this has, there have been 34 totally different sailors, sailing in 38 separate races. By the way only 4 of them have been guests. 

An unexpected result of our excitement has been the volunteering of members coming out to help with RC. Under the watchful guidance of Elaine Stienbach, a number of you have run great raced for us. So thanks, Art & Ted & Marianna & Vance & Tom & Gordan & I'm sure that I've missed someone.  If I have, just know that all of us really really really appreciate what you have done. A BIG THANK YOU for all our RC volunteers. 

3B's you say, what's that? You have to come sail with us to find out!  And what's this about "Ejection Seat" awards? Well like I said you have to join in, to find out what and when this very prestigious award is handed out.

Singlehanded sailing has several more weeks of Tuesday evenings left, then we switch to 3 weeks of Saturdays. In between is the Low Tide Regatta. This is an open invitation to make the time for some seriously epic fun.

How much fun? Just ask the 10 sailors who braved some challenging conditions to blast around the lake in 4 flat out grin on your face races.


So we are into August and the racing in the singlehanded fleet has been great. We continue to bring in new people to group as we introduce this sailing to our club and the community. We had 3 new people who live in Alliance who were invited by Chris Zofchak. They were very excited to get the chance to come out and see the club and singlehanded sailing. Looks like at least one of them are looking to join the club for next year and race on Tuesday nights.

There were 11 boats on the line and the wind filled in just in time to get 4 races completed.

Thanks to Vance and Elaine for doing a great job on RC.



Week 7 was an exciting week for Tuesday nights as 4 BYC members readied themselves for the 2016 Force 5 North American Championship. Additionally we had a Rob from Delaware in town to take advantage of the warm up races to the Force 5 NAs.

Tom Dawson and Elaine Steinbach did an amazing job on RC and we got in 5 races.