March 2020

The last Flying Scot Winter Meeting took place on Wednesday, March 4, 2020 at Ben’s Restaurant with 17 members in attendance.  Fleet Captain Ron Craig provided an introduction for a couple who previously participated in the BYC sailing class offered at the MCCTC a few years ago.  Bill and Beth Padisak have a Zoomba sailboat and Beth's parents had a Flying Scot and were BYC members in the late 1980's.  The Padisak’s have been invited to join us at BYC this summer. 

The group again talked about ways to get information about BYC more readily  available to folks who may have an interest in sailing.  Everyone agreed that mailboxes with informational flyers would be a good idea to have outside the clubhouse and at the anchorage entrance; similar to what realtors use when listing properties for sale. Several individuals agreed to look into this type of box and to put together a flyer with information about BYC. 

Ken Miller advised he would contact the BYC Webmaster (Chris Zofchak) to list the names / contact information of Miller, Diffley and Craig on the website for individuals interested in knowing more about BYC and sailing. It was also suggested that contact information of at least one person from each of the other BYC fleets should be added to the website.  These contacts could show potential new members around the club, provide introductions to other BYC members and hopefully get them on a boat for some sailing / racing experiences.

Fleet Captain Craig mentioned that the Flying Scot Ohio District Races are being held at the Moraine Sailing Club located in PA on Lake Arthur this year on Sept 12-13.  Additionally, the Hoover Sailing Club has a regatta on May 16-17; Flying Scot Women's Nationals are June 27-28 at Deep Creek, MD; and the Sandy Douglass Invitational is July 24-26 at Deep Creek, MD. 

As a reminder fleet dues are again $25.00, and are payable any time now to Ron Craig; noting the dollars will go towards trophies and promoting our fleet at BYC.  Lastly, Craig encouraged any individual that should have trophy ideas for this year to please share as soon as possible.

See you all on the water soon!

Ron Craig

Fleet 19 Captain

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