The Flying Scot is a very stable 19-foot centerboard sloop used for both family daysailing and racing.  The Flying Scot is one of the oldest and largest one-design sailboat classes in the world.  Over 6,000 Flying Scots have been manufactured by Flying Scot, Inc. which is located in Deer Park, Maryland.  The Flying Scot was inducted in the American Sailboat Hall of Fame in 1998. 


At Berlin Yacht Club we have over 20 active Flying Scot Skippers, and we field between 8 and 12 or more boats on a typical Sunday afternoon or Wednesday night race.  Our sailors range in age from 14 to 80, and come from all walks of life.  New members in the Scot Fleet at BYC find plenty of encouragement and help learning about the Scot and the racing game in a competitive but casual and fun atmosphere.


The Flying Scot is a great boat to try if you are interested in sailboat racing, because it has an open cockpit design with limited control lines, and it is a very forgiving boat.  Good used Flying Scots can be found for sale fully race rigged for under $3,500.00.


If you want to learn more about the Flying Scot Fleet at Berlin Yacht Club, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to contact a friendly Scot sailor at BYC.


Flying Scot Fleet 19

Ron Craig

Fleet Captain


MARCH 2019
The Scot Winter Meeting took place on Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 6:45 p.m. with 20 members in attendance.  Fleet Captain Ron Craig provided an update regarding the Ohio District and Fleet 19 Best Crew trophies and also advised that the treasurer's report was available for review, with not much recent activity.

Ron and Ken Miller presented their efforts on the Ohio District trophies for member review.  Ron displayed three beautifully crafted wooden keepsake boxes and Ken displayed several engraving options for the lids.  Members were all in agreement that these items, along with the previously discussed leather cup koozie, in the price range of $90.00 for all (top 3 finishers and crew awards) was an excellent choice for this year's Ohio District regatta.  Ron advised that he had purchased the wood necessary to complete the Best Flying Scot Fleet 19 Crew plaque and asked Ken to assist with engraving it.

Ron also advised that Jim Diffley had spoken with Ryan Malmgren (Mad Sails) regarding the possibility of a training seminar on Friday of our Regatta.  Tom Dawson advised that he would follow up with Stacey Malmgren regarding the seminar since he had previously spoken with her regarding this matter.   Ron stated it was necessary to nail down the details soon so the information could be sent to other Scot fleets by the end of March.

There was a brief discussion regarding the progress of the 2019 Jib Sheet and BYC's Facebook page.  Tom indicated that the Jib Sheet was coming along and would have a new format this year.  It should be finalized in time for the BYC Spring Meeting.  Ken discussed his recent conversation with Chris Zofchak regarding building the club's presence on social media.  Chris immediately agreed to spearhead the effort and has begun to recruit tech savvy individuals to assist in providing content in constant posts from the club throughout the year.

With no further discussion the meeting was concluded, so all members could enjoy a great dinner with lively conversation.

The next meeting and final Fleet 19 Winter meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 3rd at 6:00 p.m. at Ben's Restaurant.  Please feel free to bring spouses and / or guests to join us. 
Below is a copy of the tentative schedule of the seminar that will be presented by Ryan Malmgren of Mad Sails on Friday, June 14 at BYC.  Look it over and plan to attend, if possible (vacation from work day?!).  As the hosting Fleet, some of us should plan to be at the Club on Thursday evening to greet Ryan & Stacey and any other out-of-town Scot sailors who might come then for the seminar.  We'll also need to work on details for Friday's planned events (folks to drive power boats and possibly breakfast / lunch). Hopefully some other BYC members who are not Scot sailors can handle the power boats for us.  We'll likely have to speak to the trustees about these items to be sure everything is covered.

Fleet dues of $25.00 continue to be accepted at our meetings or can be mailed to me.  If you are not a member of FSSA, please consider joining or renewing your membership (REMEMBER: you must be a member of FSSA to race at the Ohio Districts).

I look forward to seeing you all at the BYC Spring Meeting on March 23 at Rachel's Restaurant in Youngstown.

Ron Craig
FS Fleet 19 Captain
At our dinner meeting on Wednesday, Feb 6, there were 13 folks in attendance. Discussion was held about several matters--mostly related to trophies.

It was decided by the group to purchase a wooden plaque to use for listing the BEST FLYING SCOT CREW person each year.  We've been giving personalized items to a special crew member for several years now and this would make a way to keep a permanent record of who those crew people are.  In checking with the trophy store in Salem, Ron had found such a plaque for $21. It would be similar to the one we now have that lists the MOST IMPROVED FLYING SCOT SAILOR each year.

Ron also told us that he has been notified that we (FS Fleet #19-the sponsoring fleet) are responsible for the permanent trophies awarded to the winners of the Ohio District Championship Races.  And that useful items are popular in the Ohio District.  Items of clothing will not work, since sizes of the winners are unknown till the races are done.  Mugs, insulated cups, coolers, bags of all shapes & sizes are practical, and those things are given frequently.  So he showed us some sample wooden treasure boxes which can be engraved with information about the races such as the date, places of finish, place races were held, etc.  He is willing to make such boxes and Ken Miller said he would be able to engrave the tops with the pertinent race information.  The boxes are about 8"W x 6"D x 3"H.  Cost would be about $25 per box, so would equal $75 for the top three finishers.  Crew members could be given a leather cup koozie (such as we gave to Ed Biondillo, the 2018 Best Flying Scot Crew). They cost $7.50 each at the local trophy store.  Thinking we should get 6 of those (in case the winning boats have 2 crew members each), that cost would be $45.  So we would have about $120 total cost for these District trophies.  Those in attendance agreed this was reasonable and gave Ron the go ahead to purchase some wood and get started.

We then enjoyed dinner and visiting with the fun of sailing, of all things, being discussed.  Next meeting will be Wednesday, March 6 at 6pm at Ben's Restaurant again.  Spouses and guests interested in Scots are welcome to join us.

Fleet dues of $25 continue to be accepted at our meetings or you can mail them to my house.  Consider joining or renewing membership in FSSA online (or I have some paper applications you can fill out and mail to them).  Spring is not far off!

Ron Craig
FS Fleet 19 Captain
The first Fleet 19 winter meeting of 2019 was held on January 9th at Ben’s Restaurant at 6:00 p.m. with 14 members in attendance.
There was discussion regarding the Flying Scot Districts, which will be held at BYC in 2019.  Tom Dawson, Sec/Treasurer advised that Dan Goldberg, a certified PRO from Moraine Sailing Club (MSC) would be running the races at Districts and would be looking for volunteers to assist with race committee duties. 
Fleet Captain Craig reminded the members in attendance that in order to race at Districts, individuals should be sure to renew their FSSA memberships to be eligible to participate in the event. Noting, FSSA renewal / membership is a great way to keep the value of our boats high and offers many other additional benefits and resources for Scot sailors. 
Additionally, Fleet dues were discussed and with no further questions or comments the Fleet approved to maintain the current rate of $25.00 for 2019. Checks can be made payable to Ron Craig or payment may be made in cash. 
There was a brief discussion regarding 2019 Fleet Point Rules, which resulted in retaining the current Fleet Point Rules as written.  For more information on the 2019 Point Rules click here.
The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m. with the next meeting date scheduled for February 6, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. (Ben's Restaurant)
Ron Craig
Fleet 19 Captain

At Berlin Yacht Club (BYC), our sailing season is divided into four (4) series:

Spring Sunday, Spring Wednesday and Summer Sunday, Summer Wednesday.  

At the end of the racing season, champions for each series are recognized and trophies are awarded for the lowest combined total points for the entire season to the top three (3) skippers in the fleet.

The 2018 Flying Scot Overall Season Point

Recipients are as follows:

1st Overall: Ron Craig

2nd Overall: Jim Diffley

3rd Overall: Ken Miller

2018 Best Overall Crew Award:

Ed Biondillo

 Congratulations to all the award recipients! Complete 2018 race results can be found HERE.

 Who will be the 2019 Fleet 19 Champions?

Find race results for the 2019 Fleet 19 Season (including cumulative totals) HERE.

A complete explanation of the Flying Scot Fleet 19 Point Rules can be found HERE.

New to Racing? Not to worry, all are welcome!

We have sailors from all walks of life, ages 8 to 80, that participate in activities at Berlin Yacht Club (BYC).  If you are interested in sailing or sailboat racing we are happy to share our knowledge and experiences with you! Don't let the terminology scare you, BYC Skippers are knowledgeable and most of all, we just LOVE to sail! Learn more about crewing at Berlin Yacht Club (BYC) here.